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Extra-Terrestrial Alien History and Prophecy Art Series
"In the beginning..."
when aliens came to earth... This is the history of the earth from the perspective that aliens came to earth and affected human history for diffferent purposes. This art is entirely channeled...

Title:"Time Travel. The cross represents the directions: East, West, North, South, Up, Down. Energy travels through colors. Figures of females represent the FEMALE ENERGY FORCE. Alien at first to earth and then populating it. If you notice, the women are holding VESSELS... or vases... These vases carry information... like the DNA strand carries information."

Title:"The coming down of the soul from heaven to enter a human body. See the angel watching, The grim reaper bringing in the souls, the souls forming and flying down to earth, the souls being born.

Title:"The energy of sexuality, reproduction, birth as a sacred part and conduction of life form."

Title:"life forms traveling in another "

Title:"Three alien life forces becoming attracted to the source of light and joy and love... They represent that which will bring in life to earth."

Title:" This painting represents the time before the beginning of time, when the earth was being formed. The PORTAL is open as souls are coming down to earth. The cross represents the directions. The watchers in black are coordinating the traveling of the souls."

Title:"Alien ET crucifixion via Human Ignorance"

Title:"A dreamscape from my dreams."

Title:"Mount Kilimanjaro, the birth of human kind... the first man."



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