Grace Divine J.D. M.A. B.A.

Dear Patron of the Arts,


The art market has grown tremendously. This can make art collecting complicated. Art advisers can share valuable information about art, artists and the art industry with art collectors, individuals and organizations. And in particular, when looking at potential art acquisitions, for purposes of growing or complementing a collection, ideas shared by art advisers can be helpful.


Art advisers are unique people that offer different services. Most provide information on art and artists. Some assist with art gallery introductions. And some may go as far as assisting with negotiations on art purchases. And then, there are some who assist with bidding at auction. And for those who require the assistance of market experts, some advisers can provide names. At, we care and listen to our clients, and we tailor services to meet their needs.


As an art adviser, I share my knowledge about art with clients. And after getting to know them, their taste and objectives, I can introduce them to interesting art and artists. My focus is on assisting art collectors to build an exciting art collection that they love. And please note, I work with art collectors at all levels, from those starting out, to expert collectors! So if you are growing an art collection, or are thinking about it, I may be able to help. Please find below reasons to consider art advisory with Grace Divine.


I am a passionate art lover, art writer, art curator, art show producer, art historian, art collector, art critic and artist. This passion for art has led me to seek in-depth education and understanding of art, artists, art movements, art styles and art history from the mid 19th and 20th centuries to present. And in particular, my interest lies in understanding the complicated world of art today. For this purpose, I attend and/or research exhibits and shows all over the world. It is this tremendous amount of time that I spend, it could be said, keeping my finger on the pulse of the art world, that can be of great benefit to clients.

In the past, I owned an art gallery and represented visual artists whose careers I cultivated and guided to excellent success. I did this in part because I am passionate about art and artists. And it is also this passion for art and artists that motivates me today, to reach out to artists in an effort to get to know them personally.

This first hand experience with artists as well as interviews I conduct about their art, helps me gain unique knowledge and perspectives that will in turn, assist my clients in making decisions about their art collection.

Also, as a gallery owner, I produced many art shows and exhibits during which times I engaged with art patrons, media, community, and others. This invaluable experience can be of assistance to clients as I can better gage the success as related to events, shows, exhibits, fairs and other.


My passion for art has driven me to attain multiple graduate level degrees.

I have a M.A., Masters Degree in Arts and Humanities from the University of Texas Dallas. There, my personal focus was in art and art history.

I studied law and graduated from the University of California Los Angeles Law School. And although I chose not to practice law on behalf of others, I do apply that knowledge on my behalf.

Also, while at law school, motivated by an interest in understanding the art industry and business, I took several courses impacting the arts, business, and the entertainment industry.

I obtained a Bachelors Degree in Linguistics from the University of California Irvine. While at UCI, I accumulated +or-270 credits (more than 7 years of study). I did this while I supported myself working full-time in the insurance industry.

Also while at UCI, I took classes in the arts including art history. While there, and while at UCLA and UTD, I performed musical theater and/or did solo music concerts. I also showed my art either in solo exhibits or in shows with others. Suffice it to say, in the last several years, I have made it a point to develop as a performance artist and have performed and lectured at prestigious locations. I also routinely perform as PUBLIC SPEAKER. All of these experience, demonstrates my interest and involvement in the arts. It also enriches me with information about processes at work in the art and entertainment industries that can be of benefit to client.

In addition, I have also lectured extensively on the lives of living or dead 19th, 20th, and 21st century art Masters. And recently, I conducted a number of very successful LECTURES ON PUBLIC ART by living contemporary artists.

Finally, in terms of my own artistic production, in the past several years, I have amassed a huge portfolio of thousands of art and books. And please note, this would not be possible if I didn't have an in-depth and thorough understanding of art and how it is created. In addition to which, I created all of these on my own, and without the assistance of others.

This matters to clients because when looking at art, I am often able to deconstruct art processes and in turn, provide unique insight into techniques and art, that no other art adviser can provide.

I would now like to invite you to view the art in this site. As the artist behind much of the extensive portfolio or original art in this website I can answer all of your questions about it. And in terms of books, check out my AMAZON BOOKSTORE CLICK HERE. There, you can find thousands of fun, artistic and entertaining books of all types, for people of all ages, and in over 20 languages including French, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Norwegian and many others. A large number of which is being being offered for sale around the world.

And why would this information matter in an art advisory? In my opinion, such a portfolio would matter to an art collector, as it evidences extensive knowledge in a wide range of art styles and techniques.

On top of which, the trait of prolificity is a valuable one to weight in on in another context, when considering artistic work for collecting purposes. Personally, I mention this here, because as an artist, I believe I know how to spot raw artistic talent in others. In the end, I believe that these broad and diverse creative experiences can assist art collectors immensely as they can provide unique one of a kind perspectives into art.

In addition, my childhood experiences living in Spain, Mexico, and the US, exposed me to various and diverse languages and cultures. This broad and international education enriches my understanding of art and styles and benefits art collectors, and in particular those with an international appeal.

It goes without saying that for an art adviser, extensive knowledge in the field of art matters. And further, I opine, no one will be able to provide the kinds of unique insights that I can provide based on my personal and educational experiences.

Based on my extensive education, my personal experience and work as a gallery owner, show producer, lecturer, writer, teacher and artist, I feel confident in sharing my opinion about art and artists with others.

Finally, on a personal level, I am personable, likable and easy to work with. I also believe the old adage that simplicity is a sign of genius. And so in communicating, thanks to my background and experiences, I am able to appreciate and make simple complicated art and art industry matters. Ultimately, it is my clients who benefit from these unique, valuable and helpful insights as they make important decisions about art.

Finally, let me just add a disclaimer. No one can tell the future, NO ONE! No art adviser, or any person for that matter, can claim to know with certainty what art will increase or decrease in value over time.

I also recognize that collectors have different objectives. For instance, there are those who think of art as an investment. Then, there are art collectors whose goal is to build a collection that is aesthetically pleasing. With that in consideration, I think that the most honest art advisers will focus on understanding their client's needs and earnestly seek to find the best solutions for them. Such being the case, and because I don't believe anyone can tell the future, I don't advice on the potential appreciation of art. However, I may be able to put a client in touch with several reputable market experts that the client may choose from and work with independent of me, that focus on market prices or art values. As for me, my interest as an art adviser, lies in the aesthetic and historical relevance of art and the building of robust art collections.

Contact me here to schedule a meeting, and so that we can discuss the possibility of working together.

Important to note, any art advisory services as it concerns the art in this site, art by me or artists represented here, is FREE and AT NO CHARGE or COST TO YOU.

Should you hire or retain me for purposes of considering art by artists we don't represent, or being sold by other galleries, dealers or related businesses, for an evaluation of the aesthetic content of your art collection, or other services that I may provide, there is a very reasonable and competitive advisory fee, typically much lower than most art advisories.

For most art advisers, the advisory fee can be a flat fee retainer, or it may be a percentage of the purchase price of art. At, we are flexible and willing to work with clients to meet their needs, so please feel free to ask.

In the end, I consider myself to be an honest and ethical person with a high level of integrity who will share with the collector what I honestly believe. I also pride myself in knowing that my motivation when working with clients is to move ahead their goals and objectives first and foremost. And basically, what that boils down to for clients, is that their best interest comes first.

And one final thing, in an aim to help inform the public, I am in the process of creating a series of educational books and videos which include information on art, art styles, art history, art collecting, the art business, art movements, artists and much more. Many of these are or will be free Online as I hope as many people as possible will benefit from them.

I thank you sincerely for your time and consideration. And I look forward to speaking with you as you engage in the project of a lifetime, collecting art.
Grace Divine