This artwork is comprised of original paintings, all one art-expression.
The artwork comprises prayers in layers and are modern religious art.
As an intuitive mystical artist, I am not sure why I was inspired to
create these. Each painting constitutes ideas connected to the spirit,
protected, loved, and cared for. As a catholic messianic jew, I believe
in christian teachings and the holy spirit. The art blesses the images
and thus it is an action of love and spiritual connection.

As the artist, I believe that this art style is unique. I consider it
a new type of art existing within a new art style that I imagined and
In addition, this art style in highly influenced by mysticism and
spiritual belief systems. Presumably, all art, in all fields of
art, including ie painting, singing, dancing, theater, etc., has
elements of mysticism or, what one would reference as 'inspiration'.
This is so since from time immemorial, art has represented an
expression coming from within a person and what some, like me, would
consider the soul. And to think about, one must ask, isn't this a
time when civilization finds itself at the cusp of climate danger,
artificial intelligence, space travel, scientific discoveries related
to physics, etc, when humanity as we have come to understand it, needs
more faith and hope? In this way, each painting constitutes a personaL
conversation, opinion, commentary between the artist, me, and the Holy
Spirit, which represents my spiritual belief systems and religion.

As such, the art includes elements from the following art styles and
movements as well as a great historicity spanning the entire range of
art as a creative process. In terms of Western art styles that are
influential to this work, this include (but may not be limited to):
contemporary, modern, graffiti, street, outsider, art brut, abstract,
cubism, mysticism like with the Der Blaue Reiter group, spiritualism
like with Hilma af Klint and Georgiana Houghton, psychic channeling,
religious, emotionalism, expressionism, social and political comment,
folk and primitive with an emphasis of day of the dead, symbolism,
surrealism and other.

The art comprises my personal experiences, memories, expressions, ideas,
and impressions as a person & artist living in the 20th & 21st centuries.
This can be seen as parody prayer hommages based on my recollections and
exposure to history and the media. A form of acknowledgment celebratory,
in remembrance or recognition of images meaningful to the public / eye.
The art includes elements of the world as I have processed it throughout
my life. It includes prayers in layers including holy words & GOD'S NAME:

as an exercise of freedom of religion. It includes symbolic elements
including dark outlines to represent energy coming out of the eyes and
mouth. Some of the paintings includes "XO" as a love symbol. In addition,
many of the paintings include images of the artist. This consolidates the
art as my personal expression of speech, memory, commentary, and opinion.
In addition, an important aspect of the work are the 'Day of the Dead" mouth
symbolism. This represents censorship and as such, creates a social statement.
This art constitutes art in the expression of the US Constitution, First
Amendment, Freedom of Speech, Freedom and expression of Religion & other.
Due as well to having the name(s) of God hand written in the art making,
which constitute prayers, this is religious art, it can not and ought not
to be trashed or destroyed. Thank you.

1. All art is copyrighted © to Grace Divine 2005 (year is approximation).
When initially created, and for a number of years, the art was offered
FOR FREE. There were at least five instancs where the art was gifted.
The art is no longer free and it is not being offered for sale.It exists
for purposes of informing and educating the public. It also exists as
an expression of freedom of speech, religion and other protects acts.
Although content belonging to another has been avoided, should someone
believe that content belongs to them. Please write to our contact page.
Please describe what and why you feel there is reference to copyrighted
material. We will remove with reservation. Should it have been added via
FAIR USE guidelines etc, Section 107 Copyright Act, we intend to inform.
Stay in contact. We welcome all your correspondence and thank you for
your input. Please contact us immediately with all your concerns. Thanks.
2. IMPORTANT: any images portrayed in the art are meant as fictitious and
coincidental. No identification is intended with actual persons (alive or
dead). None should be inferred. All images are unique art and extensively
worked, altered or painted. Should there be any similarity to any persons,
alive or dead, is meant as purely coincidental. These are fiction.
3. Please note, everything in the art is expressed solely as opinion and
not fact.
Should there be any questions please contact us.

Each painting is mixed media including acrylic, spray paint, pencil,
ink, collage, found object, nail polish, gilding, and other. Every
painting is considered an aspect of the entire work and ought to be
considered like a word in a phrase and therefore unique. Every one
therefore, contains different mediums. All the paintings are on wood
suppports and frames. The frames of each painting ranges from 24" HT
to 30" HT AND FROM 24" WD TO 30" WD. The frames measure between 1" to
2+" from the wall. All the art is ready to hang. Please contact us
for ideas for exhibits and art shows. Thank you

The art work comprises many aspects. As the artist, I am
eager to inform the public and exhibit the work. PLease
contact me if you have a proposal. Please include in the
"FROM" section of the email, information specific to your
email and proposal.

Thank you for your visit.

*For book*: since this comprises one artwork, the book
includes all images 8"x11". These sizes may not represent
the actual size of each painting. See above for sizes. These
vary. Thank you)