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We supply art for rent, lease, rent to buy or purchase for every kind of Decor including but not limited to: Open Houses, Parties, Events, Home Decor, Movie Sets, Photo Shoots, Executive Offices, Conference Rooms, Lobbys and more! Our artists sign a release, we send an invoice and verify insurance and voila, it's done!

In Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, New York, and anywhere in between, more and more people, companies, interior designers, creative directors are opting to rent art. Why? Variety, Contemporaneity, cost savings, individuality, exclusivity and best of all - fantastic original artwork that really "makes" the scene POP!

VARIETY!!! In addition, in certain areas of the country, we offer to rotate the art in a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis or whenever you want.

Everyone rents art! People decorating their homes, Brokers, Home Stagers, Hotels, Private Clinics, Hospitals, Doctor Offices, Lawyer Offices, Interior Designers, Architects, Decorators, Wedding Planners, Home Owners, filming industry for tv & movie sets, Open Houses and more.

We provide both private collectors, corporate clients, stagers, interior designers and the movie-tv industry an easy and flexible art rental program with zero interests and short or long rental terms. With our Rental Program you can rent almost any painting for as little as 1 day. In most cases and depending on the lenght of the agreement, you always have the option to purchase the artwork, change the artwork for another one in the same price range, keep the same artwork for longer or terminate the rental agreement. In some cases, and we are not accountants (check with your tax expert), we heard that it might be possible to deduct the art rental fees as a business expense.

Among our art rental features we offer:

1. 100% of your art rental fees can be applied towards the purchase of the piece.

2. Confidentiality & Privacy: Only you will know that your art collection is rented. We never share the names of our private or corporate clients.

3. You can purchase rented art at any time upon full payment of art work. If you sell the art while in your possession for profit, you make money!

Rental Fee Schedule
(Please note all costs are for 1 month period. Any time under one month is counted as 1 month.)

Art Cost -> Rental Price for 1 Month Period
$0.00$499 -> $30
$500$999 -> $40
$1,000$1,999 -> $50
$2,000$2,999 -> $60
$3000$3999 -> $70
$4000$4999 -> $80
$5000$5999 -> $90
$6000$6999 -> $140
$7000$7999 -> $180
$8000$8999 -> $220
$9000$9999 -> $280
$10000$10999 -> $320

What do I need to rent a painting
Simply an email or phone inquire. If you already have seen a painting that you would like to rent please let us know so, if not we will work with you to ensure your home or office gets the best one that matches your decor.
* A rental contract/agreement is provided before the delivery of any artwork via email which needs to be signed and returned before the delivery/installation of the artwork.
* Shipping and handling charges are not included in the rental price and must be paid in full prior to the delivery of the painting.
* Art Rental is only available in the US and for selected pieces only.
* You can pay online for your rental through our secure shopping cart system.
* We accept PayPal.
* We will ship your art anywhere in the US
* We require a $200 dollar deposit

Call Grace Divine @ 949-836-6540.

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Trademark & Copyright
Please respect all copyrighted information and art. They Psychic Comics & all rights reserved by Grace Divine. Reprint only with permission of owner.

Terms of service / Disclaimers:
The Psychic Comics, Grace Divine & Steve Freedman perform for fun and entertainment purposes only. They can not give professional advice of any kind, medical, legal or other. By booking them you agree to these terms.