This is a NEW ART STYLE created by artist Grace Divine. It is a blend of STREET ART, Tattoo, Day of the Dead Makeup, Spiritualism - Kabbalah, Modernism, Surrealism, Magical Animism, Collage and others. It is influenced by such artists as BANKSY, Keith Haring, Picasso, Pollock and others. Amongst many things, it can be considered as SOCIO-POLITICAL ART, social commentary about American civil liberties including Constitutional rights to FREEDOM OF SPEECH & FREEDOM OF RELIGION and the erosion of these in the current era. The art aLso comprises PRAYERS to God for the benefit of the subject of the art, the world and all of humanity. And furthermore, the art represents the artist's personal diary, her personal ideas/opinions about people in the world who have impacted her life, and thus become a part of her psychi, and that of the public at large. For more information and a detailed description of the art style please look below.


All of this art is dedicated for the benefit of the world. This art is more than a parody, it is also opinion, commentary, prayer, wish, transformation and much more. It is not intended to be sold and was made available to the subject for a period of 10 years approx when no claim was made. Since then, the art is no longer available to be gifted this way. Instead, it is going to be used to raise awareness to humanitarian causes.This is charitable art.

This is the statement that was made then: "whenever available and in accordance with the artist's wishes at any such moment, should YOU be the LIVING SUBJECT in this art, any art depicting you, could possibly be gifted to you, at no charge, at the artist's discretion and if available! Please contact us to make a request. And please note, you are responsible for the costs of shipping, insurance and such.

Please note as well, should you receive this art as a GIFT, this art is special in many ways. For instance, every painting in the series is imbued with esoteric LANGUAGE, PRAYERS and WELL WISHES for the subject of the art. - IN THIS WAYS, THESE PAINTINGS ARE SPIRITUAL, RELIGIOUS AND ESOTERIC EXPRESSIONS AND PRAYERS. As per Kabbalah mystery teachings, some of these prayers necessitate that the subject of the art do charity for whatever cause they care about in order for the BERAHAT blessings in the art to come to them. If you receive this art as a GIFT from us please consider passing forward THE GIFT to help others, people and animals, in need. This original art will stand for hundreds, if not thousands of years to come, as a reminder of your charity and kindness."

The art was never claimed and as such the artist, at her discretion has assingned it for humanitarian causes and to raise awareness to these.

Also, if you represent a charity or non-profit and would like to have art to raise funds for your event, please contact us. We would like to help your cause by donating art. We may be able to help you by donating original art or taking on a commission at NO CHARGE.

Original?:  YES. This is an original art, unique the world over. It is also hand made art which means that there is none exactly like it the world over. Each painting is unique and no reproduction has been made or will be made of it. Each is one of a kind.

Art Subject, Inspiration & Style:

1. The art in this series, and basically all art by Grace Divine, solely reflects the artist's reflections, personal opinions, reviews, ideas, speech expressions, memories, experiences, feelings, More than Parody concepts, burlesque, prayers, meditations about the topic, and TRANSFORMATIVE COMMENTARIES about the subject of the art, not just the people, but everything else, including the esoteric and symbolic meanings as well as the audience and viewer as well as fans of the subject.


Please note that "this is more than parody art" means that this art is not just a parody but also includes and expresses other concepts besides the concepts of parody. For instance, it includes religious and spiritual beliefs, it includes magical beliefs and much more as described here.

2. In some of these you will find MY PORTRAIT IN THE ART! Why is that there? For many reasons, first, because I painted the art and because all of the art in this series reflects MY COMMENTARY -etc- about the subject. The art is really about me, what I think, how my mind has been impactd, my opinion and my ideas as an individual and as a member of society who is expressing herself about the subject in the art and the world around it.

To express my life experience and opinion I use words, art, paint, movement, style, colors, etc. So, by means of this technique, the artwork expresses the nature of and the identify of my creative force as the artist. Also, I include my portrait to bless and protect THE ARTIST, myself, and to express ideas as related to my life and experiences. In this way, the art constitutes not only a portrait expression of the commentary via the medium of art and words, but also, it constitutes my self-portrait.

Third, I have included my portrait because I believe ART IS SUBLIME and I am expressing my desire to be blessed by the words and media within it and the expression of art without.

Fourth, my portrait is also included in the art because it symbolizes the PUBLIC. That is, the audience, the viewer, the people whose life has been impacted by the subject celebrity figure in the art. I include myself as a member of the public! In some way, this is a way to comment on the DIALOGUE that exists between the subject celebrity figure and the public.

Fifth, And also, by including my portrait, I aim to create a dialogue between the public and the artist. I want to raise questions about how we as the public think about celebrity figures and how they have as a whole and individually affected our lives.

Sixth, and finally, the subject celebrity figure here can be seen as a societal symbol, some type of archtype. One that has impacted and changed society and been impacted itself in turn.

3. Consider as well the HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE and meaning of having the artist INSIDE the painting. Consider Edouard Manet's paintings, Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, Diego Velazquez in las Meninas, and many others. Historically, artists have chosen, to put their portraits into their portrait paintings of other people. Why? Every artist and historian proposes a different reason. However, the point that appears irrefutable here is the intent of the artist is to BE PRESENT in the art as some kind of communication to the viewer. It is as if the artist is telling the viewer to consider the art as more than just the subject but to consider the art from the perspective of the artist's opinion.

4. What are some of my opinions and commentaries? First, in this art I reflect on the impact the subject has had on me and on the world. Everything in the art reflects this, the style, the colors, the media, the media thickness, the symbols, the words, the layers, the esoteric significances, the hidden in the art, the writings on the support and on the layers, the holy words used, the accompanying writing which is ascribed to each painting via the title and more. All of it reflects my experiences, thoughts, wishes, ideas and desires. Some of the ideas about the art are expressed here. But there are more!

5. Mostly I paint about people who have IMPACTED MY LIFE, public, historical, famous, infamous, and religious figures as well as paintings of my family, my mother, my daughters, my father, my grandmother and others! I have also painted multiple self-portraits since these paintings also constitute a RELIGIOUS EXPRESSION FOR PROTECTION. Each of these paintings thus constitutes a PRAYER, a freedom of religion exercise.

6. This art can also constitute NULLIFICATORY ART: Most of the people I paint are AWESOME TALENTED GOOD! However I have considered and may have already painted people whose effect on the world may have been negative. In such a case, the art is meant to NULLIFY the evil done by these people!!! NULLIFICATORY ART so to speak. By nullificatory I mean the art acts like a prayer meant to transform and enlighten the subject of the art and transform them into good and/or nullify their actions in order to help humanity. Think of it as a form of artistic visualization whereby the energy enclosing the subject constitutes a transformation of the negative energy created by the subject into positive. In this way, the art is a form of alchemy. So please don't be upset if you see someone in the art that you disapprove of. What the art is trying to do is surround that person's energy with positivity so that their energy will change (if they are living) or what they did is nullified so it can no longer harm people if they are no longer alive. If you have questions contact me. In the end, this is art and I am entitled to express myself and in so doing transform the world into a better and more humane, caring and loving place for all. 7. I am inspired to create this art series for a number of reasons. Some enumerated here and some not. First, this art seeks to TRANSFORM, therefore, it is TRANSFORMATIVE ART because as my religious beliefs, I believe that ENERGY can be transformed via thought, act, desire, art, etc. To understand this SPIRITUAL RELIGIOUS EXPRESSION further, the inspiration represents an outreach for TRANSFORMATION in that when the subject lives, the transformation, as experienced by the mere existence of the art upon the universe as well as the interaction of the art with the minds of the viewer, rains down BLESSINGS of all kinds. For instance these include blessings for love, health, peace, joy, wealth, prosperity, talent, and more etc.

8. I see these paintings as an expression of freedom of SPIRITUALITY / religious expression. I also am an indepedent (not affiliated with any group) student of the Torah Zohar Kabbalah. That is an ancient study of the BIBLE from a mystical and esoteric perspective. I believe the universe is thriving with energy and by surrounding the subjects and myself in this art with positive energy, I am hoping to make the world a better place for ALL PEOPLE! In this way, this art constitutes RELIGIOUS PRAYER AND EXPRESSION as I am doing my bit to BLESS THE WORLD via this art. In this art you will find my SPIRITUAL experiences, reflections, commentaries, opinions, expressions, feelings, personal, intellectual and emotional beliefs since the art also represents a PRAYER for the subjects benefit and enlightenment..."May all be blessed, filled with hope, love and peace."

9. In addition, by putting myself in these paintings I am elevating the viewer, the expectator to a different level of importance. No longer to be seen as "the masses" the impetus of the art is upon the individuals who make up these masses.

10. Most of these artworks constitue over TWELVE LAYERS from beginning to end. Each layer represents a TRANSFORMATIVE OPINION, IDEA, COMMENTARY AND REVIEW whether seen or onseen as each layer constitutes intent and energy. In the center core is the concept of art as SUBLIME.

This idea about art as MAGICAL dates back historically to CAVE art where the HUNT was painted on the walls of caves as a form of animistic magic. From there, we see that for thousands of years ART and the BEAUTY IN ART was used to elevate the mind of the viewer to previously unforseen possibilities of beauty. And hence today, so much art is found in churches and cathedrals. I believe art to be SUBLIME. I am fascinated by it. And when I paint I intend to capture and express this awe of beauty and MAGIC in my work.

And so, in every LAYER of this art as well as the WRITING that accompanies each piece, I communicate and express this. For instance, beneath the outer paint exterior are PRAYERS written on the support at several levels. Other layers include PAGES from HOLY BOOKS as a form of collage to surround, protect and enlighten the subject AND the artist. The prayers continue throughout the creative process of the painting and at every layer including at the end layer with the dropping and painting of the work as HOLY WORDS are visible on the artwork itself. Take a look!

And from this spiritual perspective, I have heard that something with God's name on it can can never be destroyed. That lends credence to my belief that is power in GOD'S name.

11. Please note as well, that to me, the SPIRITUAL / religious idea of human beings being created by God in God's image and therefore being imbued with God's ability of creation is real and I express this in the process in which I approach art making.

12. Note that I chose people who impacted my life and the world, no matter who or what they've done. This includes: Comics, Artists, Actors, Politicians, Historical figures, Writers, Leaders, Innovators, etc.

13. AND WHAT OF THE PAGES OF HOLY BOOKS INCLUDED IN THE FOLDS OF ART? Many paintings include written pages from holy books including the Holy Bible, kabbalah, Torah, Psalms, Buddhism, Feng Shui, Poetry, Texts and others. By including these as a layer of the artwork I believe that I am incorporating the blessings for enlightement from these books and the writings within them. And by so doing, I feel and intend to incorporate a sacred touch to sanctify the artwork itself. As the alchemist, I unite the images of the art with the holy words protecting and blessing the images. I consider this to be an act of LOVE, PEACE and JOY aimed at helping, protecting, changing, manifesting, blessing the subject and the WORLD ITSELF.

14. This is a new, innovative, copyrighted art style that I created which I call "PARODY PRAYERS" It is an original art style. This art style is influenced by other art styles, techniques, philosophy, concepts and more. This art style aims to create new questions about what it is to be human in an era of new physics where discoveries are opening up avenues for understanding what it truly means to be human. It seeks to express in new ways ideas related to the psychology of the self. Thus, the images are transformative, new, creative as they seek to see deeper into the subject like no one else has seen before.

Through this new art style I, as the artist, believe that I can bring to life the energy within the work. I believe as in the ZOHAR that the HOLY HEBREW LETTERS LIVE and once upon them, they will interact with the energy grid that engulfs everything to bring enlightement to the subject and the world at large. Therefore, I see this as LIVING COMMUNICATION, living art, outside of time and space, an exercise in creativity derived from the ZOHAR resplendent light of creation. Basically, a beautiful act of becoming one with God and exercising the creative powers of the world for good.

15. The art also incorporates DAY OF THE DEAD MAKEUP style. Here this use is SYMBOLIC in a number of ways. First, it represents the concept of skulls... What it means is that there is more to us as human beings than our appearance, our exterior. In that way, it reflect the current very popular socio-cultural quest into the nature of the self! This is how I see it. And I believe it is hot hot hot! This quest expresses that angst that humans have to "KNOW THYSELF."

16. In addition, Day of the Dead makeup includes DARK LIPS, large lips and/or LINES ACROSS THE MOUTH. I realize they can look shocking! What they represent is ominous and of tremendous importance as they express what I believe is CENSORSHIP by society! In other words, society is always striving to control our language, what we can or can not say. On one camp there is freedom of expression 1st Amendment rights in the US! On the other camp there is censorship.

In a civilized world, individual cultures define where the two meet. This is the way things are! And in every country speech is controlled and subjugated. And we are all subject to this CENSORHIP!

17. However, including Day of the Dead Makeup in my art is also a commentary I am making as an ENTERTAINER STAND-UP COMIC. I do stand-up comedy. I have found that as a writer of comedy, I am constantly being censored! There are many things that I can't say. My statement here is that ALL OF US, are being censored. Hence, the dark lips with or without lines across the lips and the day of the dead makeup!

18. As a side note, I include so many COMEDIANS in my art series because I am a comic. I am a comic because I love performing and writing comedy. And I am a fan of comics because they work in a very difficult and obscure form of art. It means a great deal to achieve at any level in this field. I am constantly watching other comics and creating opinions about their art.

19. Also, I incorporated WORDS, HEBREW WORDS, ENGLISH WORDS, SPANISH WORDS AND OTHER... writings in the layers of many of these paintings. Some of these words are the words "LOVE" "SHAMAN" etc. Why? It is a form of alchemy as these are meant to bless the subject of the art, the artist, the world and universe at large with these words and their meanings. BLESSINGS TO ALL AND EVERYTHING!

20. I also I incorporate the ancient HEBREW ALPHABET. For the kabbalist, this means living energy forms that interact to protect and bless! I have also included the name of GOD YAHWE and other names of GOD from the 72 names of GOD to bless, protect and love.

Look at any painting in the series. There you can find some kind of writing, hidden messages and prayers.

21. I also believe that the TATTOO has impacted the art style. That is because this is a historical and growing trend in the world. It is a form of expression that changes the human body. Books could be written about this and what it means and why it is what it is. At one point, tattoos were used to mark prisoners of Nazi camps. Today, people use them to express a wide range of things about them. I use it in my art to express my sense of what is going on in society today and how we are trying to change ourselves... And the art thus begs the question, who are we?

22. I also believe STREET ART / GRAFFITI has impacted the art style. For one, in the process of painting I use a dramatic graffiti splash and dash type movement. You will notice this if you pay attention to the structure of the paint and how it falls on the support. I also use graffiti lettering... This makes me feel like I am in the heartbeat of the streets... I am one with the people... I am one with the every day woman and man.

23. In graffiti art one usually finds the use of spray paint! I use it here as well! I include spray paint as a layer of art. I also use SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE with the spray paint. For instance, in many of the paintings you will find "X" and "O." To me this represents a concept of "KISS" and "HUG" to be interpreted as a well meaning wish for the subject to be loved! I also include words like "LOVE." This is well meaning to bring love to the subject, the artist and all humanity.

24. Another specific form of the style will be seen in how I paint LINES AROUND THE EYES AND FLOWING OUT OF THE EYES. These lines start at the eyes and moves outward. They express the LIFE SOUL ENERGY coming out of the subject or being channeled by them into the world. This energy is fantastic! It flows out of the subject and touches everyone. This is power, movement, outreach, transformation, energy, impact... It is an idea of enduring strength to surpass all of the ages. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, well, here I express that idea.

One may note as well, the FUN and almost clownish burlesque nature of the art. Shakespeare once said something like the world is a theater and we are all players! This paintings query into the NATURE OF THE SELF. Who are people whom we've heard about in the news. Is there a mask to who we are? What is the psychology of the mind? What is the nature of the self? So many questions come to mind. I see many of these people as entertainers, but when it's all said and done, aren't we all entertaining? And sometimes we have to smile when we don't want to. What does this all mean?

25. From a stylistic perspective, I attribute what one could refer to as the chaotic and disordered nature of the paint as an commentary on the nature of society today, fast, quickly changing, disordered, chaotic.

26. The paint so overloaded on the canvas represents a sea of energy. Sometimes the overwhelming nature of our time is suffocating. When, I would ask, do we come up for air? We are all trying to survive the massive changes that are taking place exponentionally in the world today. The overloaded canvas expresses that.

27. And along those lines, the paint in its arguably chaotic colors and voluminous matter expresses the idea that we live in a world of ever changing, fastly disordered ambiances. Today, there is so much going on information wise, human beings are o